TripStack is proud to introduce our newest hire, the new Team Lead of our TripBuilder division, Matt Kantor.
Matt started programming at age eight on an Apple 2 and now is an accomplished developer that has been working in the tech industry in both Services and Product type companies since 1993. Besides his technical accomplishments, Matt is an experienced chef and is well-travelled. We sat with Matt and asked him a few questions about why he chose TripStack and his thoughts about our company.

TripStack: Why did you choose to apply to TripStack?

Matt: After about a year working at my previous job I realized that I missed solving engineering problems and felt that’s where I needed to be. Many of the best times in my professional career were working with teams to solve complex problems for people. I felt that I needed to be in a place where I could be hands on in my work, and when I met with TripStack’s CEO and he told me about the team, I felt that the space that they were in aligned with what I was looking for.

TripStack: What are initial thoughts on TripStack as a company?

Matt: From what I’ve seen I believe that TripStack is heading in a great direction with high velocity. I see the growth of a great culture super important and as companies grow this often gets lost or corrupted. The problems we work on at TripStack are exciting and challenging. There is a constant need to make things faster and better because TripStack understands that he world is constantly changing and that our clients demand more and more data at a super high rate of speed. I love to come into work every day and try to make a difference with all these moving pieces.

TripStack: How is TripStack different from the other companies you’ve worked with?

Matt: I’ve worked in many places that talked about culture but didn’t live it.  I’ve worked with a lot of people who wanted to do more but were stopped by pettiness. I feel that the word “empowerment” is used in a lot of companies but rarely properly and often either without the ability to take action or to the point where there are no rules – grinding things to a halt . TripStack is a different kind of place – a place where if you have an idea to make something better you do it and there are no negative repercussions. In fact, I’d say it’s almost expected.  I think here at TripStack we have a real sense of purpose – this is what really sets us apart.