Welcome to TripStack

Kabir Khanna – Relationship Manager.

Kabir has a degree in Computer Science, and has recently done customer success consulting work for B2B software companies across a number of different industries. He grew up in India, and Canada is now the fifth country he has lived in. And after having travelled through a couple dozen other countries, he is always looking for “other people to pass-on the travel bug to”.

In his spare time, Kabir keeps busy performing improv comedy, watching foreign language films, discussing global politics (usually with a glass of peated whisky), and listening to folk music from around the world.

TripStack: What attracted you to the role with TripStack?

I have lived in 3 continents so far in my life, and having family and friends all over the globe, travel is a necessary part of my life. I’m always looking for hacks to buying cheaper flight tickets. And that’s exactly what we do here at TripStack, so there is a lot of synergy between my personal values and the corporate values that TripStack lives up to.

TripStack: What is your next travel destination?

Either the Balkans, or the Central Asian Republics. It all depends on what deals I can find myself on TripStack. I am drawn to places where people are warm and welcoming, and specifically to cities which tend to not draw too many tourists.

TripStack: You have an interesting background, Comp Sci. Degree.  How did you end up managing accounts?

I grew up in a humble environment in a developing country. This brought with it the incentive to be entrepreneurial, and to become skilled at growth hacking. After having worked as a software developer for a little while, I quickly realized that I can have a larger impact on the world around me in the business realm. There has been no looking back since.

TripStack: What makes a great Relationship Manager?

The ability to really listen to the other side, and to then embrace diverse points of view. People and organizations work best when they work with each other in a cooperative manner, as opposed to continually being in opposition. When incentives are lined up for mutual benefit, the sky is the limit.

TripStack: What do you think about the space TripStack is in, specifically LCC integrations and Virtual Interlining?

It’s a truly exciting time to be working in this space. The era of full service carriers and GDS is coming to an end. Omnichannel distribution for LCCs, coupled with Virtual Interlining is where the industry’s future lies. Our hard work now is going to position TripStack as one of the big winners in this new era.