Welcome to TripStack

Mark Porter – VP Engineering

At TripStack, Mark is responsible for the development, quality and operations of our data & platform. Mark has more than two decades of experience in software engineering having worked as an engineer and architect before moving into leadership. Mark has led teams large and small in automotive, media and telecommunications. Mark’s professional interests are diverse including programming language design, cloud architecture and machine intelligence. Outside of work Mark enjoys spending time running or cycling near his home in Ajax, ON.     

TripStack: What attracted you to the role with TripStack?

TripStack is at a very interesting point in its early growth and the opportunity to come in and help to shape a company, team and product with market disrupting potential it really drew me in. I was also very impressed with the quality and talent of the TripStack team, from our engineering team through our most senior leadership.

TripStack: What is your approach to managing Software Engineering teams?

My view is that an engineering leader should provide direction, structure and a process scaffold for teams and then work to remove obstacles to their performance. My style is “lead from the front” and hands on being very involved in architecture, product design and technology strategy. This style, however, should not be confused with micro-management; I’m a firm believer that team members do their best work when supported from below, not pushed down from above.

TripStack: You are joining the company at a very exciting time, lots of new hires & big plans in the pipeline.  What are your thoughts on how to scale engineering teams?

An exciting time indeed! When it comes to scaling up engineering teams, it’s important to ensure a firm foundation to build on. This includes a repeatable and predictable software delivery process, a solid platform architecture & technology strategy as well as on-boarding & bootstrapping process and documentation that helps get new engineers up to speed and productive quickly.

TripStack: You are new to the Travel space?  What attracted you to it?

Yes, TripStack is my entry point into the travel space. I’m a long time, frequent traveller both for business and leisure and I’m a curious person so naturally I was attracted to an opportunity to peek behind the curtain and take the industry apart to learn how it works. (Our great employee travel perks helped too!)

TripStack: What do you think about the space TripStack is in, specifically LCC integrations and Virtual Interlining?

Low Cost Carrier integrations and the advent of Virtual Interlining will change the way people travel, opening up destinations previously unavailable (or economically unattractive) in the traditional marketplace. TripStack, with its technology, is uniquely positioned in the vanguard of this shift.