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Virtual Interlining

Virtual Interlining (VI) is a fast-growing product in the travel industry. At its core, it is a technology allowing customers to travel with multiple non-cooperating carriers, in a single itinerary. It generates unique flight content, increases competitiveness and provides numerous growth opportunities for airlines and travel retailers.


Creating Virtual Interlining content is incredibly difficult and is limited to a handful of global technology providers. We at TripStack are proud to be recognized as leaders in the space with many years of experience in both building VI and helping our customers sell these fares to travelers worldwide.

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TripStack by the Numbers






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Daily LCC, NDC, Virtual Interlining Bookings


Daily API Searches


Flight Price Points Ingested Daily


Annual Passengers

$2.3B USD

Annual Gross Sales

TripStack API

The TripStack flight booking API provides access to the world's most important flight content including Low-Cost-Carriers (LCC), Full-Service-Carriers (FSC), NDC connections and Virtual Interlining (VI) fares. Virtual Interlining is a new perspective on travel that provides more options, cheaper fares and at times the fastest connections.


The flight booking API is easy to integrate and includes the most important ancillaries such as Baggage, Seat Selection and Branded Fares.

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Self-Connect for Airlines

TripStack provides a White-Label Platform specifically designed for Airlines to enable the retailing of Virtual Interlining (also known as Self-Connect) fares with a re-direct to a branded White-Label. V ( Self-Connect ) has grown from a niche product to a fully viable travel option.


The platform is highly customizable allowing the Airline to choose their airline partners, connection parameters and the customer experience of their preference.

FareShare Caching Solution

TripStack's FareShare Caching Solution enables our customers to use our cached LCC flight content to lower Look 2 Book ratios, power pricing calendars and marketing campaigns.  

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Start your career at TripStack

We're always looking for talented driven individuals looking for a fast paced environment with a strong engineering culture. Work on developing the latest travel technology and products, including VI.

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