TripStack API

The TripStack flight booking API provides access to the world's most important Low-Cost-Carriers (LCC), NDC API connections and Virtual Interlining (VI) fares.


The flight booking API is simple to integrate and includes the most important ancillaries: Baggage, Seat Selection and Branded Fares. Without any mark-up added to the fares in the flight booking API, it is highly competitive with access to fares not available through other distribution channels.

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Low-Cost-Carrier (LCC) Integrations

  • 100+ of the world's most important LCCs in our flight booking API

  • Access to fares not readily available via other distribution channels

  • Baggage, Seat Selection (with full seat maps) and Branded Fares are available in our flight booking API

  • No markups or additional fees added to the fares

  • Cost effective booking fee

Virtual Interlining (VI) fares

  • Virtual Interlining fares available alongside LCC and NDC content in our flight booking API

  • Virtual Interlining fares include combinations from LCC, FSC and NDC content

  • Highly customizable flight booking API allowing for the selection of airlines & minimum / maximum connect times

  • Advanced features include 2+ transfers & airport transfers

  • TripStack builds the Virtual Interlining fares and allows the customer to book the flight components using their preferred provider

  • Virtual Interlining Guarantee protects the customer from missed connections due to delays and schedule changes

  • Cost effective Booking fee as a % of the total fare

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NDC API Integrations

  • NDC Level 4 Certified - Full Offer & Order Management

  • NDC 17.2 Implementation

  • Growing list of NDC API integrations (10+) that includes the most important Full-Service-Carriers (FSC)

  • Full NDC capability including Shopping, Booking, Ticketing

  • Support for baggage, seat selection and branded fares

Integration Guide & Self-Serve Portal

  • Online flight booking API documentation available here

  • Flight booking API Integration guide with request & response examples for LCC, NDC and Virtual Interlining fares

  • Self-Serve Portal to simplify booking management and API configuration

  • 24/7 Dedicated Integration Support

  • Integrate in 4+ weeks and start selling LCC, NDC & Virtual Interlining fares

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Flight booking API performance metrics

  • High Availability with 99.9% system uptime

  • Multi Cloud Hosted with GCP, AWS

  • Fast response times: < 1 sec at search

  • 100M+ Daily API searches

  • High Bookability: > 90%

  • 24/7 customer support

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