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Self-Connect for Airlines

TripStack provides a White-Label Platform specifically designed for Airlines to enable the retailing of Virtual Interlining (also known as Self-Transfer or Self-Connect) fares through a deep-line re-direct to a branded Airline Whitelabel.


The platform is highly customizable allowing the Airline to choose their airline partners, routes and connection parameters.

Branded Airline Whitelabel Platform

  • Branded Airline Whitelabel offering Virtual Interlining ( Self-Connect ) fares on any route globally

  • Re-direct from Airline website to highly customized and Branded Whitelabel

  • Support for 33 languages

  • Select routes, airline partners and configure the user experience

  • Offer additional non-airline ancillaries including Lost-Baggage service, Cancelation Protection and Travel insurance


Partnership with Navitaire

  • Strategic partnership to bring Virtual Interline technology directly to the airlines

  • Provide viable alternatives to code shares and interline agreements

  • Enable new connections and routes at a very low cost

  • Provide new services airlines and travellers want

  • Read more about the partnership here


  • TripStack is the full Merchant of Record on all Virtual Interlining fares sold through the Airline Whitelabel

  • 19 methods of payment supported including Credit Cards, eWallets and instalment options

  • 40 currencies supported through 10 payment providers resulting in a very high payment approval rate (90%+)

  • PSD2 / 3DS compliant

  • TripStack responsible for all chargebacks


$0 Cost of Ownership

  • Monetize existing website traffic by offering Virtual Interlining fares ( Self-Connect ) on new & existing routes

  • TripStack customizes and maintains the Airline Whitelabel and takes full ownership for the technology, payment and customer service

  • TripStack offers a lucrative revenue share to the airline and covers all costs

TripStack Self-Connect Guarantee

  • TripStack provides 24/7 pre-trip Customer Support available in multiple languages

  • TripStack provides 24/7 in-trip Customer support through our Guarantee by re-booking the passenger at $0 cost in case of a missed connection due to airline cancelations, delays or schedule changes

  • TripStack Guarantee includes allowances for meals and lodging

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Want to learn more about Virtual Interlining, Self-Connect or our flight booking API?  Fill out the form or send us an email to to schedule a call with our Sales Team.

Thank You. We will be in touch shortly.

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