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Amadeus to deploy TripStack Virtual Interline content on the Amadeus Travel Platform


Toronto, June 13, 2024 

Today’s announcement reveals that Amadeus will integrate TripStack’s Virtual Interline (VI) content into their Travel Platform solution. This strategic agreement forms part of a wider joint initiative between Etraveli Group that will enable Amadeus sourcing and distribution of selected group content.

TripStack specializes in airline distribution and is also the exclusive provider of VI content for the Etraveli Group. VI fares provide travelers more options and competitive prices by combining fares from Full Service Carriers (FSC) and Low Cost Carriers (LCC) into a single itinerary independent of any relationships between the carriers. These itineraries are protected by the “Self-Connect” Guarantee that protects the customer in case of missed connections due to schedule changes, delays and cancellations.

Quote from Gabor Toth, TripStack CEO -  “With 8+ years of experience developing, selling and servicing VI fares, this announcement is a true testament to our world-class capabilities. We are excited to work with ETG and Amadeus, leveraging our combined expertise to provide the best flight content to travellers.


Read the Amadeus press release here.

About TripStack

TripStack, founded in 2016, is a global leader in Airline Integrations and Virtual Interlining (VI) technology. Virtual Interlining, also known as Self-Connect, seamlessly combines carriers without traditional interlining agreements, into a single itinerary. This approach empowers airlines to expand their network and product offerings while delivering travelers more connections at competitive prices. Based  in Canada, India, and Poland, TripStack is part of Etraveli Group.


About Etraveli Group (ETG)

Headquartered in Sweden, ETG is a global technology provider for Flights focused on offering the best possible flight content delivered through flexible tech solutions to the consumer and any company facing the consumer. The company caters to more than 30 million flight passengers annually in 75 markets worldwide. During the first half of 2023 Etraveli Group has grown almost 60% on orders to over 10 mln orders in H1 2023, with a 90% growth in TTV (Total Transaction Value) to over 6 Billion Euro during H1 2023.

For media inquiries, please contact:


Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at TripStack

John Boguslawski:

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