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Internal Mobility: Here's an inspirational story that captures Dhanashree Nangre's growth trajectory

Updated: May 10, 2022

We have some great stories to share about internal mobility within TripStack.

What is internal mobility? If you may ask- In the most simplest terms it is when team members find fulfilling career journeys within an organization, and they do so by moving between different roles or teams.

One of our main objectives at TripStack has been to create an environment where our team members feel they are challenged, moved out of their comfort zone and they keep learning. Whether that be through expanded missions, opportunity to work cross teams (Functionally), or for that matter equip them with a solid support system to ensure they have a high probability of success!

I am both humbled and pleased to see some of our fellow TripStackers pursue fulfilling careers with us. Need I say less about the 20% internal mobility rate we achieved this year (This is a massive achievement).

As leaders we hold ourselves accountable every single day to ensure we keep raising the bar when it comes to managing the talent we have at hand and as we scale our teams across locations- there will be many more avenues for TripStackers to contribute.

I shall leave you with an inspiring story of a fellow TripStacker- Dhanashree Nangre who was kind enough to share her story with us.

1. How long have you been with TripStack?

I started my corporate career with TripStack as a freshman out of university in 2018. It has been an impactful 3.5 years of hard core learning as I reflect back...

2. What enticed you to be a part of the team

It's always been the people, we have some of the brightest, the most committed and dedicated team members that I have ever come across or for that matter can compare to given I stay active in external tech communities. TripStrackers don't budge once they set their mind to committing to overarching goals, but at the same time every single person is humble enough to support their team members and they take this unsaid accountability towards the team's success and every single person's success along the way.

3. Talk to us about your growth trajectory here ? You have a great story to share…

I started on the engineering team helping out with building recipes on the content acquisition team and switched hands between different groups within the engineering team that gave me a good understanding of our end to end platform. From there the organization grew and our roadmap evolved - The product organization was in need of a product manager who could support our immediate need on payments investigation- this opportunity appealed to me and a few meetings with the right stakeholders helped me reset my career preferences and I took the leap of faith to make that transition to the product team. This by far was the best decision I ever made and I am thankful for the support of multiple leaders and people along the way who made this happen. It helped shape the way I look at things from a whole new perspective, the opportunity challenged me by leaps and bounds where I had to navigate the ambiguous payments segment of the travel industry. A lot of my time was spent with data and in research mode and my passion for data was very evident. I spent a lot of my personal time learning new skills (pursued my certification in data analysis) on how to slide and dice multiple data sets, analyze macro and micro data points and helped me hone my skills on how to tell a better story via data.

An opportunity emerged on the Data Analytics team and I knew I had to apply for that role and rest is history - as I embark on my passion to be a superb data analyst.

4. What have you practised diligently to be successful here?

When doing anything in general, I try to deep dive in that particular task/project. That's what I learned from my mentors at TripStack. If you're a researcher, try to go in depth, learn it thoroughly, anticipate questions and be the best in your craft!

No matter where you are in your career journey, learning is very important, so is taking initiatives, being determined to challenge the status quo, setting your mind on achieving ambitious goals and the most important one, don't be afraid to ask the questions.

5. Words of inspiration for our new TripStackers?

Keep an open mind, don't limit yourself to learning just about your craft, be curious and try and soak in all possible information on how different components of our platform work, connect with team members across the board and just take initiatives.

Thanks for inspiring us Dhanashree! And we wish you much success in your new role.

Are you looking for your next challenge where you know your team members and leaders are invested in your growth?

We are hiring and have several open positions across the board - feel you are a good fit for some of these roles? Don't hold yourself back from applying! Or speak with one of our HR members, Elyssa Hassanali, Rupali Chauhan or Mehvish.

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