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  • Courtney Rand

Clean Toronto Together

To mark Earth Day 2022 a group of our local Toronto TripStackers took an exciting trek into the city’s High Park in an effort to participate in the yearly Clean Toronto Together initiative; a 3-day event in April geared towards keeping the city “clean and green”.

The energy at the park was great as always. It’s a rather cozy place to be; full of many types of fitness enthusiasts, daily walkers, zoo go-ers and hundreds of happy pups. The views are absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect for our outing.

As we hiked through the crisp morning air and shining sun, it was evident that we were a few days late to the party as it was pretty hard to spot the garbage; however, we did some wandering off-the-beaten-paths (many paths) and managed to get a few good hauls in. It surprised us as to how clean the park was so, well done Torontonians and Toronto city workers (clap)!

Once our haul was done we took a walk down to the Fox & John’s Pub for lunch (great food and a nice patio; recommended) and then made our way to Cinnaholic for dessert and finished the day off at Toronto’s premium Cheese Boutique (dangerous place to visit - wink).

Our resident photographer Ben Lande captured some great shots.

TripStack’s commitment to volunteering is highly important to our teams, our culture and our local community. A big thanks to all who came out and participated.

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