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Showing Appreciation at TripStack

February 14th is a special day that reminds us to show love, appreciation and gratitude to those who are important to us, including our colleagues. When we show gratitude we are not only acknowledging their efforts, we are taking accountability of our actions, building trust and strengthening our connections.

We believe at TripStack when we support one another we create a positive impact on our company culture. We play to win, and we win and celebrate together. It is important for every member of our team to feel valued and respected.

In light of Valentine's Day, we took this opportunity to show gratitude to our coworkers and express appreciation for their hard work and dedication. We encouraged our team to take a moment for a simple gesture such as writing a thank-you note, offering support or mentorship, recognizing their efforts over slack or in a meeting. These moments of joy will have a lasting impact and show the value we place on our coworkers. By showing gratitude and building a positive work environment, we continue to create a workplace that is not only successful, but also enjoyable and fulfilling. These acts of kindness are not limited to today, but are a reminder to continue to be grateful for those around us for the rest of the year!

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